Energy Efficiency Cost Curves (EMF 25)

Energy Efficiency Cost Curves

You are welcome to use cost information internally but please do not circulate or publish this data without permission

The cost curves provided are those used in an analysis published in 2004: Rosenquist, G., M. McNeil, M. Iyer, S. Meyers and J. McMahon (2006).  "Energy efficiency standards and codes for residential/commercial equipment and buildings: Additional opportunities". Energy Policy 34(17): 3257-3267. LBNL-56207.

That analysis relied on engineering-based costs available at the time, primarily sourced from Technical Support Documents supporting DOE's efficiency standards program (EERE). Publication dates of these documents for residential products range from 1995 (residential refrigerators) to 2004 (residential furnaces); for commercial products they range from 1996 (commercial refrigeration) to 2000 (Heating, cooling and water heating). The analyses rely on data typically sourced from 2-3 years before the publication date. The above mentioned report utilized a learning rate (annual reduction of price) of 1.47% for residential products and 1.50% for commercial products. The data we are now providing makes no such adjustment, allowing the modeler to apply whatever learning rate deemed appropriate.

LBNL is currently undergoing a program to update the cost curves for major residential and commercial products using data that has become available in the interim. These include most major residential and commercial products. The resulting datasets may differ significantly from the curves presented here due to significant improvement in technology and general reduction of costs over the last few years.

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