List of Presentations


  • Buildings Sector Best Available Technology Scenarios (J. Cymbalsky)
  • IMACLI-R France: Focus on Heating Demand (L. Giraudet, C. Guivarch, P. Qurion)
  • Some Thoughts for EMF-25: Modeling Energy Efficiency Policy Impacts (M. Horowitz)
  • EMF 25: First round results - The Swiss Case (J. Iamhof, T. Rutherford)
  • CIMS-US: Preliminary Results (M. Jaccard)
  • MiniCAM Results: USA Policies and Energy Efficiency (P. Kyle, L. Clarke)
  • Energy Taxes and Energy Efficiency in the Inforum LIFT Model (D. Meade)
  • Haiku Model Results (K. Palmer)
  • Looking Before you Leap into a Model: New Climate for Transport Energy Futures? (L. Schipper)
  • Review of Recent Energy Efficiency Potential Studies (P. Sreedharan)
  • Representation of Energy Efficiency in Integrated Assessment Models (J. Sathaye, M. McNeil, A. Phadke, T. Xu)
  • California Energy Efficiency Programs: Empirical Insights for Energy-Climate Modeling (A. Phadke, J. Sathaye, S. Shin)
  • A Bottom-up Analysis of Long-Term CO2 Emission Reduction Potential and Cost in Japanese Building Sector (T. Masahito)
  • Preliminary Scenarios for EMF 25: NEMS-GPRA (F. Wood)
  • A Top-Down Botton-Up Modeling Approach to Energy Efficiency Analysis (Y. Mei, P. Bernstein, D. Montgomery)
  • China Energy Demand, Efficiency and Sustainable Energy System Transformation (X. Zhang, Q. Chai)
  • Energy Modeling Forum: Preliminary Analysis--Markal  (B. Schoener)