Presentations Technology Workshop

 EMF Workshop on Climate Change Impacts and Integrated Assessment

August 3-4, 2009

Snowmass, Colorado

August 3 |August 4| August 6


AUGUST 3, 2009

W. Nordhaus and N. Nakicenovic, The Economics of Technologies to Combat Global Warming

D. Arent, Renewable Energy Technologies

J. Ahearn, Comments on Future of Nuclear Energy

H. Herzog, Scaling-up Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS): From Megatonnesto Gigatonnes

J. Steinbrunner, Carbon Capture and Storage EvolutionCost & Timing

B. Flannery, Scaling Up Mitigation Technologies: CCS

E. Kriegler, The Status and Prospects of Renewable Energy for Combating Global Warming”

W. Nordhaus, How Should Countries StimulateInnovation for the Environment?

G. Klepper, The Future of ETS and CDM in a post-Kyoto World

J. Weyant and R. Vallario, Understanding, Modeling, and Accelerating the Development and Diffusion of New Energy Technologies - Beyond the “Valley of Death”

AUGUST 4, 2009

L. Goulder, Comments on David Greene’s“Uncertainty, Loss Aversion, and Markets for Energy Efficiency

J. Sweeney, Diffusion of New Technologies, Policies and Uncertainty (Session III)

G. Pugh, Energy R&D Portfolio Analysis Based on Climate Change Mitigation

M. Tavoni, “How much technological change, R&D is enough ?”

D. vanVuuren, Energy R&D Portfolio Analysis based on climate change mitigation

N. Nakicenovic, How Much (Energy) RD&D is Enough?

D. Greene, Uncertainty, Loss Aversion and Markets for Energy Efficiency

L. Clarke,What Can We Learn From Many Runs of Integrated Assessment Models?

V. Bosetti, Discussion of "Technology Interactions for Low Carbon Energy Technologies”


AUGUST 6, 2009

J. Reilly, Biofuels, Agriculture and Land-use Change:An IA Application

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