EMF Events

Snowmass 2008  


Date and Time
July 28, 2008 - August 8, 2008

By Invitation Only

July 28 - August 3: Research Priorities and Harmonizing Land Use/Land Cover in Earth System and Integrated Assessment Models

Workshop Organizers: Tony Janetos, Kathy Hibbard and John Weyant

Note: The goals of this workshop are two-fold: (1) address current issues for land use/emissions harmonization strategy based on ‘Handshake Document’ and (2) initiate extensive set of discussion on Research Priorities in land cover/land use modeling and observations based on ‘Research Priorities’ white paper.

August 4 - August 5: The Economics of Technologies to Combat Global Warming

Organizers: Nebojsa Nakicenovic and William Nordhaus

A major set of unresolved economic and policy issues in global warming is the development and deployment of new technologies, primarily energy technologies. The need to make a smooth transition from existing technologies to new low-carbon technologies will be the major challenge in coming decades. Historical changes of such importance such as the transition from traditional energy forms to fossil energy have been very disruptive but have resulted in unprecedented economic development and improvements in human well being. At the same time, understanding of the dynamics of technological change is the least understood part of the global warming nexus. In addition, it is critical to understand and develop the policy instruments that will guide markets, entrepreneurs, and not-for-profit participants in undertaking the necessary research, development, and commercialization.

The conferences will address key issues from the areas of underlying science and engineering, economic theory, modeling, entrepreneurship, policy instruments, and case studies. The purpose will be to develop insights that will help analysts, businesses, and governments to consider fruitful approaches to support of technology and policy in this area.


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