Research at EMF

EMF 21: Multi-Gas Mitigation and Climate Change

Project (Completed)

John P. Weyant - Stanford University
Francisco C. de la Chesnaye - Working Group Chairman, U.S. EPA

Study Objective:

  1. Conduct a new comprehensive , multi-gas policy assessment to improve the understanding of the affects of including non-CO2 GHGs (NCGGs) and landuse (terrestrial sequestration) into short- and long-term mitigation policies. EMf 21 essentially answers the following question: How important are NCGGs & landuse in climate policies?
  2. Provide explanations for differences in results from different models and identify high priority areas for future research.
  3. Advance the state-of-the-art in integrated assessment and climate economic modeling.
  4. Strengthen collaboration between NCGG and landuse experts and modeling teams.
  5. Publish the results as a special journal issue.

All papers are part of a Special Issue of The Energy Journal, November 2006. The volume can be cited as: F. de la Chesnaye and J. Weyant and (eds). Multi-Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Climate Policy. The Energy Journal, Special Issue, 2006.