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Agenda and Presentations

Wednesday, October 22

John Weyant, Energy Modeling Forum (EMF), Stanford University
Allen Fawcett, EPA
Bill Meroney, EPA

Relevant Community Research Activities (Power Sector Policies)

Bill Meroney, EPA
David Young, EPRI
Martin Ross, Duke
Karen Palmer, RFF
John Larson, RhG
Adele Morris, Brookings and Pete Wilcoxen, Syracuse and Brookings

Thursday, October 23

Relevant Ongoing Community Research Activities (Revenue Recycling)

Adele Morris, Brookings
  • Current Policy Discussions, Policymaker Market for EMF32 &TJ Carbon Tax Papers Intro
Dick Goettle, Northeastern
Rob Williams, Resources for the Future, NBER, University of Maryland
Pete Wilcoxen (Syracuse and Brookings) 
Sugandha Tuladhar, NERA
Sebastian Rausch, ETH Zurich