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Agenda and Presentations

Snowmass Workshop

July 23-August 3, 2012

*Please note that some participants only gave verbal presentations, without powerpoint.

Monday, July 23

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Tuesday, July 24

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Wednesday, July 25

Thursday, July 26

Friday, July 27

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Monday, July 30

Tuesday, July 31

TEeaM Overview

WITCH Model:

  • Valentina Bosetti, FEEM

Markal Model:

  • Chip Friley, Brookhaven National Laboratory

GCAM Model:

  • Haewon McJeon, PNNL and Leon Clarke, PNNL

Overview of Comparison Exercise

  • Max Henrion, Lumina Decision Systems


  • John Weyant, Stanford University

Wednesday, August 1

Discussant:  Robert Lempert, Rand Corporation

Opening Comments on Institutions in Mosaic World

  • John Weyant, Stanford University

Introduction: Scene set and Overview Past Sessions

  • Brian Flannery, Retired

New Institutionalism:

Opening Comments on Investment in major facilities and infrastructure

  • Brian Flannery, Retired

Power Sector Investments and Linkages: OECD

  • John Parsons, MIT

Power Sector Investments and Linkages:

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Thursday, August 2

Opening Remarks

John Weyant, Stanford University


Friday, August 3

Opening Remarks

  • John Weyant, Stanford University

  • Scene Set  |Brian Flannery, Retired (4.4KB +PDF+)|

  • Trade and climate change: existing issues and tensions  |Niven Winchester, MIT (866.5KB +PDF+)|

  • Stabilizing GHC concentrations: implications for trade and competitiveness  |Brian Fisher, BAEconomics (89.9KB +PDF+)|

  • Implications for IPCC Assessment and Scenarios

  • ​Kristie Ebi, Stanford University

  • Industry Perspective

  • Haroon Kheshgi, ExxonMobil

  • Rules or Markets and how to represent them

  • John Weyant, Stanford University

Future Directions: Modeling real world, non-optimal policies

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