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Agenda and Presentations


Monday, October 28

7:00 – 9:00 PM: Informal reception, Washington Plaza Hotel

Tuesday, October 29 

8:30       Welcome & Introduction

8:45       A Few Guidelines

9:00      Session 1    Major Policy/Strategy Issues

Open group discussion to identify the most pressing North American policy and strategy issues.


Group Discussion

10:30    Coffee Break and Informal Discussions

11:00    Session 2: North American Natural Gas Resources

What more do we need to know about the costs and availability of North American natural gas resources?

How should modelers represent these conditions?


Group Discussion

12:30   Lunch

1:30      Session 3: Advanced Demand Trends for Power, Industry and Transportation

What market/regulatory conditions will stimulate more natural gas use for electricity?

Are there significant opportunities for demand growth in manufacturing or transportation (heavy duty, light duty and freight)?


Group Discussion

3:30    Coffee Break and Informal Discussions

4:00    Session 4: Scenario Design for North American Natural Gas Markets

 Open group discussion of key factors, such as shale gas supplies, tight oil supplies, economic recovery and industrial relocation, interstate air pollution regulations on the power sector and technology surprises among other factors.

5:30     Adjourn

Wednesday, October 30

8:30    Session 5: Natural Gas Trade & US Exports


Group Discussion

10:30    Coffee Break and Informal Discussions

11:00    Session 6: Continue Presentations and Scenario Design for US Exports

12:30    Working Lunch (Finalize Scenario Design for US Exports)

1:30      Session 7: Comprehensive Study Design and Publication Plans  

Open discussion focused on completing and integrating all scenarios and publication plans

3:30    Adjourn