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Agendas and Presentations

Snowmass Workshop 

July 22-August 2, 2013

Snowmass, Colorado

Monday, July 22

Session #1: Modeling Renewable Energy Initiative

(Organized by Doug Arent, Patrick Sullivan, Leon Clarke, Gunnar Luderer, and John Weyant)

Clarke, Leon (moderator):

  • Discussion on possible future integration constraints
  • Discussion of cost metrics for (and parameterization of) integration constraints
  • Next steps for VRRE Integration Analysis - ADVANCE meeting in November

Tuesday, July 23

Session #1 continued:

Papers & readings from Session #1:

Arent, Doug -"Improved Offshore Wind Resource Assessment in Global Climate Stabilization Scenarios"

Yuyu Zhou, Patrick Lucklow, Steven J. Smith, and Leon Clarke: "PNNL EST Global Wind 2013"

Yabei Zhang, Steven J. Smith, G. Page Kyle, and Paul W. Stackhouse Jr.: "PNNL CSP Energy Policy Paper"

Patrick Sullivan, Volker Krey, and Keywan Riahi: "Impacts of considering electric sector variability and reliability in the MESSAGE model"

Falko Ueckerdt, Robert Brecha, Gunnar Luderer, Patrick Sullivan, Eva Schmid, Nico Bauer, and Diana Böttger: "Variable Renewable Energy in modeling climate change mitigation scenarios"

Bauer, Nico - "Climatic Change"

Wednesday, July 24

Session #2: Integrated Climate Change Impacts Assessment

(Organized by Gary Yohe, Rich Richels, Tony Janetos, Max Tavoni, and John Weyant)

Thursday, July 25

Session #2 continued:

Yohe, Gary (moderator) - Introduction

Friday, July 26

Session #2 continued:

Richels, Richard (moderator) - Introduction

Wuebbles, Don & Kunkel, Ken - ("Science Needs" panelist & discussion leaders)

van Vuuren, Detlef - (IAM Panelist)

Ciscar, Juan-Carlos - ("Representative Consumers" panelist)

Victor, David - ("Representative Consumers" panelist)

Pershing, Jonathan - ("Representative Consumers" panelist)

Papers & readings from Session #2:

Article related to morning panel sessio:  |Determining Benefits and Costs for Future Generations (210.0KB +PDF+)|

De Cian - "Are Cereals Globally in Trouble?" |De Cian: Are Cereals Globally in Trouble?(2.6KB +PDF+)|

Fujimori, Shinichiro - Two papers submitted by Toshihiko Masui: "Global Water Scarcity Assessment"

Mendelsohn, Robert - "Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries"

Solecki, William - "NPCC-Climate-Risk-Information-2013-Report"

Wiener, Jonathan B & Richman, Barak D - "Mechanism Choice," chapter 11 in Farber, Daniel A & O'Connell, Anne Josepth, eds., _Research Handbook on Public Choice and Public Law_(Elgar, Edward 2010), pp. 363-396.

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Agenda:   Week Two|     

Monday, July 29

Weyant, John - "Week Two Overview" |Weyant: Week Two Overview (64.9KB +PDF+)|

Session #3: Uncertainty Analysis in Integrated Assessment Models

(Conveners: Ken Gillingham and Bill Nordhaus)

Nordhaus, Bill - "Overview of the Project"

Tuesday, July 30

Session #4: Workshop on Informing Risk Management Decisions in the Face of Deeply Uncertain Sea-Level Rise Projections

(Co-organized by Klaus Keller and Rob Lempert)

Wednesday, July 31

Session #4 continued:

Session #5: Scenarios for Climate Research and Assessment

(Organizing Committee: Jae Edmonds, Elmar Kriegler, Jerry Meehl, Richard Moss, and John Weyant)

Papers & readings for Session #5:

Moss, Richard - "A Strategy for Climate Change Stabilization Experiments"

"The Representative Concentration Pathways - An Overview"

"The Next Generation of Scenarios for Climate Change Research & Assessment"

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Thursday, August 1

Session #5: Scenarios for Climate Research and Assessment

(Organizing Committee: Jae Edmonds, Elmar Kriegler, Jerry Meehl, Richard Moss, and John Weyant)