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EMF 2: Coal in Transition 1980-2000

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Energy Modeling Forum


By looking at the nature and strength of the link between the energy sector and the rest of the economy, the EMF group used major energy models to sharpen insights, improve understanding, and explore through open discussion the implications of selected energy decisions, while identifying critical elements of existing models and pinpointing the major strengths and weaknesses.

This study organized a group of interested model users and developers to conduct the comparative study of several energy models in the examination of coal in transition. As in the previous study, tests of the models would be constructed and the working group would seek to explain the common results or the causes of any model differences. They defined eight coal scenarios: reference case, high demand, de-emphasis on Eastern Coal, de-emphasis on Western Coal, NSPS, 90% Sulfur Removal, Crunch Case, and Low Demand. The final report on EMF 2, Coal in Transition, deals with those scenarios.