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EMF 30.2 Short Lived Climate Forcers and Air Quality

Date / Time

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 to Friday, November 21, 2014

By invitation only


East Hyattsville, Maryland

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Bioenergy has been shown to be a potentially valuable, and maybe essential, strategy for long-run climate management. However, there is significant variation in bioenergy deployment results and uncertainty about the social implications and technological challenges associated with large-scale deployment. The EMF-30 Bioenergy Study is interested in understanding, assessing and improving biomass supply and demand modeling within integrated assessment frameworks. Our initial research focus will be on the supply of biomass for bioenergy production. We will then shift our attention to biomass energy conversion and demand. For the biomass supply stage, we are pursuing diagnostic analysis whose objective is to elucidate, compare, and assess regional and feedstock specific biomass supplies. The pilot protocol consists of only a few scenarios designed to facilitate some initial quantitative biomass supply comparisons and group discussion about biomass supply costs, land use and GHG implications.

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