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EMF 33.2 BioEnergy and Land Use

Date / Time

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

By invitation only


College Park Marriott Hotel



The EMF 33 Bio-Energy and Land Use study is motivated by the need for information and analysis to help answer two critical questions: (1) How feasible are very low temperature change scenarios rely heavily on massive deployments of advanced bio-energy technologies, and (2) Massive bio-energy expansion could have many large negative side effects on land, water, food; how large could these impacts be and what can be done to limit them.

Parent Research

EMF 33: Bio-Energy and Land Use

Bioenergy has been shown to be a potentially valuable, and maybe essential, strategy for long-run climate management. However, there is significant variation in bioenergy deployment results and uncertainty about the social implications and technological challenges associated with large-scale deployment. The EMF 30 Bioenergy Study is focused on understanding, assessing and improving biomass supply and demand modeling within integrated assessment frameworks.