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Date / Time

Monday, December 14, 2015 to Wednesday, December 16, 2015

By invitation only


Stanford University


This is a progress report on the integrated assessment modeling (IAM) community research program on IAM model development, diagnostics and inter-comparisons (PIAMDDI). This program is dedicated to improving the science of integrated assessment by doing cutting edge research in critical areas of IAM development and integrating that research with a program of model inter-comparisons and IAM scenario ensemble construction activities. This program has been very closely linked to other climate change research programs in the U.S. and abroad which has helped to keep the work at the cutting edge of the field, responsive to the needs of the IAM community, highly transparent, accessible and credible. As anticipated, progress in the scientific research areas has informed the model comparison and scenario ensemble tasks, and the model comparison and scenario ensemble activities have helped set priorities for the research areas. We have continually and systematically broken each research area, as well as the model comparison and ensemble construction work, back down to fundamental first principals to help assess the state of the art and set focused priorities for the individual research efforts.