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Snowmass Workshop- Climate Change in a World of Tradeoffs and Synergies

Investigator: John Weyant

Availability: By invitation only

Event Details:

Tuesday, November 10, 2020 - Thursday, November 12, 2020


Zoom Meeting
United States


Workshop Objective: This workshop seeks to (a) advance understanding of how climate change and efforts to limit climate change will proceed in the context of other major forces driving the evolution of society, and (b) inform the design of actions, as well as the assessments informing them. This year’s theme is tradeoffs and synergies, and we are interested in discussing these factors in the context of each session’s topic. What is the role and implications of, and state of knowledge regarding, trade-offs and synergies related to each topic?The workshop is composed of 9 one-hour sessions framed to focus discussion, beginning with inspirational keynotes, and ending with synthesis, reflections, and brainstorming. The workshop is structured to maximize discussion. Sessions two through eight each start with a series of short initial comments to jumpstart discussion, are followed with a significant amount of time for open discussion and conclude with a brief synthesis of key ideas. In this workshop we will observe Chatham House rules to promote free and open discussion.

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