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Stanford Energy Modeling Forum - USC Schwarzenegger Institute Symposium on Climate Change Policy

Event Details:

Wednesday, June 2, 2021 - Thursday, June 3, 2021

The Stanford Energy Modeling Forum and the USC Schwarzenegger Institute are pleased to announce an online symposium on California climate policy with a specific focus on the topics of transportation, electricity decarbonization, environmental justice, and job impacts. This workshop will take place during June 2nd and 3rd with four hours of videoconferencing beginning during the mornings (PDT) of both days, each containing three or four sessions of a little over an hour in length each. 

This event will follow on previous collaborative climate change policy symposiums at USC in November 2019 and November 2020. While previous symposiums have focused on the transportation sector, this one will broaden to focus on the future of California climate policy across sectors, looking ahead to the next California Air Resources Board Scoping Plan process that will map out California’s strategy to meet its decarbonization goals.

The symposium will bring together researchers and policy-makers from within and outside of California to address these important questions. It will explore the behavioral motivations underlying the current reliance on fossil fuels, evaluate the economics of alternative technologies, and explore the design and potential effectiveness of policies to implement greenhouse gas emission reductions. We will also focus on important environmental justice aspects of climate policy and co-benefits such as job creation.

The symposium will consist of formal research presentations, panel discussions, and a lunch speaker. Confirmed presenters include Antonio Bento (USC), Manuel Pastor (USC), Adam Rose (USC), Dan Wei (USC), Liz Gill (California Energy Commission), and Elizabeth Scheele (CARB). We will also have participation by other representatives of California state government.  Symposium organizers are Michael Mastrandrea (Stanford), John Weyant (Stanford), and Adam Rose (USC).

We look forward to an excellent set of presentations and a lively exchange of ideas with the audience. 

Day 1: June 2, 2021

9:30 AM:  Introduction and Overview (verbal presentation)

  • Adam Rose (USC), John Weyant (Stanford) and Michael Mastrandrea (Stanford)

9:45 AM:  Schwarzenegger Institute Overview (verbal presentation)

  • Christian Grose, Research Director, SI (USC)

10:00 AM:  “Using Big Data to Estimate the Environmental Benefits of Congestion Pricing Evidence from California"

  • Antonio Bento (USC)

11:00 AM:    “Employment Impacts of Climate Action Plans”

Noon to 12:15 PM: Break

12:15 PM:  “CARB’s Research on Health, Equity, and Transportation”

  • Elizabeth Scheehle (California Air Resources Board)

1:15-1:30 PM:  Closing Remarks for Day 1 (verbal presentation)

  • John Weyant (Stanford) and Adam Rose (USC)


Day 2: June 3, 2021

9:30 AM:  Recap of Day 1 and Overview of Day 2 (verbal presentation)

  • Michael Mastrandrea and Adam Rose

9:45 AM:  Energy Modeling Forum Overview

10:00 AM:  “Update on the EMF High Electrification Study”

11:00 AM:  “Climate Equity and Cap and Trade: Revisiting the Concerns”

Noon to 12:15 PM: Break

12:15 PM:   “The 2021 SB 100 Joint Agency Report: An Initial Assessment of Achieving 100 Percent Clean Electricity in California”

1:15-1:30 PM:  Closing Remarks and the Way Forward (verbal presentation)

  • Adam Rose (USC), John Weyant (Stanford) and Michael Mastrandrea (Stanford)


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