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Associate Professor

Shinichiro Fujimori

Shinichiro Fujimori is a researcher with NIES’s center for social and environmental systems research, having joined the center in April 2010. Dr. Fujimori’s main fields of scientific interest include integrated assessment modeling in climate change mitigation as well as its impact and adaptation. Furthermore, broader sense of global social environmental issues and their assessments such as food security, biodiversity and so on are also included. His research attempts to inform national and global environmental policy on matters related to environmental change.

Dr. Fujimori is involved in development of AIM (Asian-Pacific Integrated Model) in particular AIM/CGE (Computable General Equilibrium) model. AIM/CGE is able to assess macroeconomic impacts due to various aspects of societal and environmental change economical. Dr. Fujimori received his doctorate in Urban and Environmental Engineering from the Kyoto University (Japan), Institute of Engineering in 2009, following the completion of an MSc and BSc in the same institution.

Dr. Fujimori first visited IIASA during his PhD studies as a participant of the 2006 Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP).