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Publication Titlesort descending Year
EMF OP 67: Oil Demand and Technical Progress 2009
EMF OP 68: Estimating U.S. Oil Security Premiums 2009
EMF PP 6.1: The Energy Modeling Forum: Past, Present and Future 1979
EMF PP 6.2: The Energy Modeling Forum: An Overview 1979
EMF PP 6.4: Energy Model Comparison: An Overview 1983
EMF PP 6.5: Modeling for Insights, Not Numbers: The Experiences of the Energy Modeling Forum 1982
EMF PP 7.4: A Selection of Possible Studies for the Energy Modeling Forum 1995
EMF PP 9.1: Testimony by James L. Sweeney 1981
EMF SR 1: Rate-of-Return Regulation and Efficiency: The Economics of the Natural Gas Pipeline and Distribution Industry 1984
EMF SR 2: Application of Quantitative Methods for Energy-Economic Planning in Semisocialized Economies 1985
EMF SR 3: Survey of Utility Real-Time Pricing Projects in the U.S. 1989
EMF SR 4: Engineering-Economic Modeling: Energy Systems 1990
EMF SR 5: Comparative Analysis of Energy Intensity Between the U.S. and Japan 1993
EMF SR 6: Computation of Electric Power Production Cost with Transmission Constraints 1996
EMF SR 7: Quantifying Oil Disruption Risks Through Expert Judgment 1997
EMF SR 8: An Assessment of Oil Market Disruption Risks 2005
EMF SR 9: The Economic Consequences of Higher Crude Oil Prices 2005
EMF WP 10.1: Electricity Market Players Subgroup Report 1990
EMF WP 10.2: The Roles of Analytical Models in National Electricity Policy Debates: Issues and Frontiers 1991
EMF WP 12.1: Energy Security Impacts of Carbon Emission Reduction 1993