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EMF WP 12.2: Results from the Gemini-Energy Environmental Model - Analyzing Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The GEMINI energy-environmental model was developed by Decision Focus Incorporated (DFI) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) using DFI’s Generalized Equilibrium Modeling System (GEMS). The modeling effort was initiated in mid-1990, so that the initial working version of the model for EMF-12 had to be developed from the first principles within only a few months. The time commitments associated with EMF-12 were possible to meet because of the model development and analysis capabilities provided by the GEMS system, supported by an extensive energy system and technology detail available at DFI from any previous energy modeling and decision analysis efforts.

The GEMINI modeling effort thus has been one of rapid growth and evolution substantially linked to the demands of the EMF-12 process, while simultaneously supporting the fast-response analysis needs of the EPA. This report summarizes the analyses completed as part of EMF-12, and insights gained by the GEMINI team as an outgrowth of its participation.