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EMF WP 12.3: Technical Details for the Core Set of Models Participating in EMF 12

To facilitate comparison of the results from the fourteen different models participating in EMF 12, a standard-format model summary was prepared for each of the models. The summaries include as much information as is possible or reasonable. For some of the more complex models, for instance, the summaries would extend to many pages if all the technical details were included; this is especially true of the technology-rich models. Conversely there is little documentation available for several of the models.

However, the summaries do provide a reasonable complete view of the internal model working, and allow for easy comparison across models. The model characteristics are divided into the natural groupings of general model structure, demand modeling, supply modeling, and environmental modeling. Also, there is an illustration depicting the energy supply network, excluding transmission or transport activities, for each model.

The fourteen models are listed in Table 1. Following that is a listing of the different characteristics for comparison. Summaries for two models, MARKAL and MWC, are forthcoming.