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Publication Title Yearsort ascending
EMF WP 20.1: Study Design: Natural Gas, Fuel Diversity and American Energy Markets 2002
EMF OP 52: Modeling Energy Markets and Climate Change Policy 2002
EMF OP 51: Energy Disruptions, Interfirm Price Effects, and the Aggregate Economy 2002
EMF WP 19.2: Environmental Technology Policy and Emerging Technologies 2002
EMF OP 50: The Asymmetric Effects of Changes in Price and Income on Energy and Oil Demand 2001
EMF 17: Prices and Emissions in a Restructured Electricity Market 2001
EMF OP 49: Projecting Energy Trends Into the New Century 2000
EMF WP 14.4: Approaches for Performing Uncertainty Analysis in Large-Scale Energy/Economic Policy Models 1999
EMF WP 14.5: Induced Technological Change in Climate Policy Modeling 1999
EMF WP 17.1: An International Comparison of Models for Measuring Market Power in Electricity 1999
EMF 9: North American Natural Gas Markets (Vol 2) 1999
EMF 16: The Costs of the Kyoto Protocol 1999
EMF OP 43: Crude Oil Prices and U.S. Economic Performance: Where Does the Asymmetry Reside? 1998
EMF OP 48: Preliminary Results from EMF 14 on Integrated Assessment of Climate Change 1997
EMF SR 7: Quantifying Oil Disruption Risks Through Expert Judgment 1997
EMF SR 6: Computation of Electric Power Production Cost with Transmission Constraints 1996
EMF OP 47: The IPCC Energy Assessment 1996
EMF OP 46: Insights from Integrated Assessment 1996
EMF OP 45: Testimony at the Hearings on U.S. Climate Change Policy 1996
Summary ReportEMF 13: Markets for Energy Efficiency 1996