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Publication Title Year
EMF OP 33: A Comparison of Aggregate Energy Demand Models for Global Warming Policy Analyses 1992
EMF OP 32: Substitution Between Activities with Different Energy Intensities 1991
EMF OP 31: Economic Impacts of U.S. Oil Replacement Policies: Methodology and Results for the OTA Analysis 1991
EMF OP 30: Emerging Competition in California Gas Markets 1991
EMF OP 29: Oil: Alternative Perspectives on the Decade 1990
EMF OP 28: Whither Long Term Canada-U.S. Natural Gas Trade? A View from the (Modelling) Trenches 1990
EMF OP 27: The Effects of Changes in the Economic Structure on Energy Demand in the USSR and the US 1990
EMF OP 26: Energy and National Security: Should GNP Impacts Preclude Oil Tariffs? 1988
EMF OP 25: The Impact of Sectoral Shifts in Industry on U.S. Energy Demands 1989
EMF OP 24: The Energy Problem: A Real World Laboratory For the Empirical Economist 1987
EMF OP 23: EMF 8 Projections of U.S. Industrial Energy Demand 1987
EMF OP 22: Industrial Energy Demand: A Simple Structural Approach 1988
EMF OP 21: The Oil Price Collapse and Growing American Vulnerability 1986
EMF OP 20: The U.S. Dollar and the World Oil Market 1985
EMF OP 19: Using Data Analysis and Modeling in Planning 1985
EMF OP 18: Oil Prices and Inflation 1985
EMF OP 17: The Response of Energy Demand to Higher Prices: What Have We Learned? 1983
EMF OP 14.1: Will Oil Prices Collapse? 1981
EMF OP 13: Optimal Supply of a Depletable Resource with a Backstop Technology: Heal's Theorem Revisited 1984
EMF OP 12: The Transition to Nondepletable Energy: Social Planning and Market Models of Capacity Expansion 1984