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Publication Title Year
EMF WP 12.1: Lessons for the Implementation of Policies to Mitigate Carbon Dioxide Emissions 1993
EMF WP 10.2: The Roles of Analytical Models in National Electricity Policy Debates: Issues and Frontiers 1991
EMF WP 10.1: Electricity Market Players Subgroup Report 1990
EMF WP 9.8: Database for EMF Study on North American Natural Gas Markets 1989
EMF WP 12.3: Structural Comparison of EMF 12 Models
EMF OP 68: Estimating U.S. Oil Security Premiums 2009
EMF OP 67: Oil Demand and Technical Progress 2009
EMF OP 66: Short- and Long-Run Adjustments in U.S. Petroleum Consumption 2009
EMF OP 65: Structural Change and U.S. Energy Use: Recent Patterns 2009
EMF OP 64: Creating Jobs With "Green" Power Sources 2009
EMF OP 63: Energy Security and Climate Change Protection: Complementarity or Tradeoff? 2008
EMF OP 62: The Oil Security Problem 2008
EMF OP 61: Price and Income Responsiveness of World Oil Demand, by Product 2007
EMF OP 60: Oil Shocks and Real U.S. Income 2007
EMF OP 59: Industrial Natural Gas Consumption in the United States: An Empirical Model for Evaluating Future Trends 2007
EMF OP 58: Energy Diplomacy and Security: Prepared Statement 2006
EMF OP 57: After the Natural Gas Bubble: An Economic Evaluation of the Recent U.S. National Petroleum Council Study 2004
EMF OP 56: Price Asymmetry as Induced Technical Change 2006
EMF OP 55: Energy Security and Global Climate Change Mitigation 2003
EMF OP 54: Shares, Gaps, and Economy's Response to Oil Disruption 2004