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Publication Title Yearsort ascending
EMF WP 12.2: The Value of Cooperation in Abating Climate Change 1993
EMF WP 120.8: The Efficiency Value of Carbon Tax Revenues 1993
EMF OP 35: Limiting Oil Imports: Cost Estimates From a Range of U.S. Model Projections 1993
EMF WP 12.2: Sorting Out Facts and Uncertainties in Economic Response 1993
EMF WP 12.7: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Climate Change 1993
EMF WP 12.2: Results from the Gemini-Energy Environmental Model - Analyzing Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1993
EMF WP 12.6: The Transition to Reduced Levels of Carbon Emissions 1993
EMF WP 13.2: Back to Basics: Searching for Principles to Guide the Energy Conservation Policy Debate 1992
EMF WP 13.1: Projecting Energy Efficiency Improvement Potential: A Comparison of Methodologies Used in Six Recent Studies 1992
EMF OP 36: OECD Oil Demand: Estimated Response Surfaces for Nine World Oil Policy Models 1992
EMF 11: International Oil Supplies and Demands (Vol 2) 1992
EMF WP 12.3: A Structural Comparison of Models Used in EMF 12 to Analyze the Costs of Policies for Reducing Energy Sector CO2 Emissions 1992
EMF WP 12.3: Technical Details for the Core Set of Models Participating in EMF 12 1992
EMF OP 33: A Comparison of Aggregate Energy Demand Models for Global Warming Policy Analyses 1992
EMF 11: International Oil Supplies and Demands 1991
EMF WP 12.3: A Structural Comparison of Energy-Economy Models Used for Global Warming Policy Analysis 1991
EMF WP 12.3: Model Technical Summaries 1991
EMF OP 31: Economic Impacts of U.S. Oil Replacement Policies: Methodology and Results for the OTA Analysis 1991
EMF WP 10.2: The Roles of Analytical Models in National Electricity Policy Debates: Issues and Frontiers 1991
EMF OP 30: Emerging Competition in California Gas Markets 1991