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Publication Titlesort ascending Year
World Natural Gas Markets and Trade: A multimodeling Perspective 2009
Transmission Pricing
Table of Contents for World Natural Gas Markets and Trade: A Multimodeling Perspective 2009
Markets for Energy Efficiency
Energy and Environmental Policy Modeling
EMF WP 9.8: Database for EMF Study on North American Natural Gas Markets 1989
EMF WP 31.1: Introduction: North American Natural Gas Markets in Transition 2016
EMF WP 23.3: Key Assumptions and Results: Appendix Worksheets for the INGM Model 2008
EMF WP 23.2: Modeler Poll for EMF 23 Study on International Natural Markets 2005
EMF WP 23.1: Scenario Design 2006
EMF WP 20.3: Fuel Switching Potential of Electric Generators: A Case Study 2003
EMF WP 20.2: Valuing a Medium-Scale Gas Fired Power Plant with Capacity Expansion Options Under a Competitive Environment 2003
EMF WP 20.1: Study Design: Natural Gas, Fuel Diversity and American Energy Markets 2002
EMF WP 19.2: Environmental Technology Policy and Emerging Technologies 2002
EMF WP 17.1: An International Comparison of Models for Measuring Market Power in Electricity 1999
EMF WP 14.5: Induced Technological Change in Climate Policy Modeling 1999
EMF WP 14.4: Approaches for Performing Uncertainty Analysis in Large-Scale Energy/Economic Policy Models 1999
EMF WP 14.3: The Berlin Mandate: The Design of Cost-Effective Mitigation Strategies 1996
EMF WP 14.2: Hedging Stratgies for Global Dioxide Abatement: A Summary of Pull Results - EMF 14 Subgroup Analysis for Decisions Under Uncertainty 1996
EMF WP 14.1: Second Round Study for EMF 14: Integrated Assessment of Global Climate Change 1995