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Publication Titlesort ascending Year
EMF OP 61: Price and Income Responsiveness of World Oil Demand, by Product 2007
EMF OP 60: Oil Shocks and Real U.S. Income 2007
EMF OP 59: Industrial Natural Gas Consumption in the United States: An Empirical Model for Evaluating Future Trends 2007
EMF OP 58: Energy Diplomacy and Security: Prepared Statement 2006
EMF OP 57: After the Natural Gas Bubble: An Economic Evaluation of the Recent U.S. National Petroleum Council Study 2004
EMF OP 56: Price Asymmetry as Induced Technical Change 2006
EMF OP 55: Energy Security and Global Climate Change Mitigation 2003
EMF OP 54: Shares, Gaps, and Economy's Response to Oil Disruption 2004
EMF OP 53: U.S. Carbon Emissions, Technological Process, and Economic Growth Since 1870 2004
EMF OP 52: Modeling Energy Markets and Climate Change Policy 2002
EMF OP 51: Energy Disruptions, Interfirm Price Effects, and the Aggregate Economy 2002
EMF OP 50: The Asymmetric Effects of Changes in Price and Income on Energy and Oil Demand 2001
EMF OP 49: Projecting Energy Trends Into the New Century 2000
EMF OP 48: Preliminary Results from EMF 14 on Integrated Assessment of Climate Change 1997
EMF OP 47: The IPCC Energy Assessment 1996
EMF OP 46: Insights from Integrated Assessment 1996
EMF OP 45: Testimony at the Hearings on U.S. Climate Change Policy 1996
EMF OP 44: Some Implications of Increased Cooperation in World Oil Conservation 1996
EMF OP 43: Crude Oil Prices and U.S. Economic Performance: Where Does the Asymmetry Reside? 1998
EMF OP 42: LDC Cooperation in World Oil Conservation Policies 1994