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EMF WP 14.1: Second Round Study for EMF 14: Integrated Assessment of Global Climate Change

Working Paper

This document describes the second round design of Energy Modeling Forum study number 14 entitled “Integrated Assessment of Climate Change.”

This document is composed of four main sections: (1) a description of the assumptions to be used by the modelers participating in the study in running the standardized reference scenario; (2) a set of scenario runs to be made around the standardized reference scenario and the modelers own reference scenario; (3) a description of the outputs requested from the modelers for all scenarios; and (4) a description of study groups being organized to interpret, expand upon, and supplement the model runs. In past EMF studies the work of the study groups, although keyed to modeling work, has often addressed analytic issues that go beyond what is incorporates in all or most of the current generation of models.

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