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Week 1 - Agenda and Presentations

Workshop on Modeling Integrated Energy-Water-Land Systems Dynamics

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 1 Agenda

  • Planning Committee:  Karen Fisher-Vanden, Rob Nicholas, John Weyant


  • Chair: John Weyant, Notetaker: Kate Calvin


  • John Weyant (Stanford University)


  • Karen Fisher-Vanden (Pennsylvania State University)

Scientific Drivers, Needs, and Trends

  • Bob Vallario (Department of Energy)


Program on Coupled Human and Earth Systems (PCHES)—project summaries

Research Area I: Multi-model, multi-scale frameworks for integrated energy-water-land systems dynamics
  • Chair: John Weyant, Notetaker: Richard Moss

Project 1.2—Capturing governance, institutional, and system constraints in an integrated energy-water-land modeling framework

  • Karen Fisher-Vanden (PSU)—Lead, Bob Caccesse (PSU), Lara Fowler (PSU), Steve Frolking (UNH), Danielle Grogan (UNH), Mort Webster (PSU), Doug Wrenn (PSU)

Project 1.1—Gridded modeling of integrated energy-water-land systems dynamics

  • Tom Hertel (Purdue)—Lead, Mort Webster (PSU), Shanxia Sun (Purdue), Mort Webster (PSU), Wolfram Schlenker (Columbia), Steve Frolking (UNH)

Project 1.3— Global modeling of integrated energy-water-land systems dynamics

  • Ian Sue Wing (BU)—Lead


Research Area II: Coupling software, emulators, advanced computational and statistical methods, and translational tools
  • Chair: Karen Fisher-Vanden, Notetaker: Erwan Monier

Project 2.1—Improving the quality and ease of use of climate information

  • Rob Nicholas (PSU)—Lead

Project 2.2: The influence of uncertainties on the tails of climate projections on decision-relevant spatial and temporal scales

  • Ryan Sriver (UIUC)—Co-lead


Research Area III: Methods comparisons, diagnostics, and integrated uncertainty analyses
  • Chair: Rob Nicholas, Notetaker: Jim McFarland

Project 3.1: Base research program for developing evaluation tools for modeling frameworks

  • John Weyant (Stanford)—Lead

Project 3.2: Climate projections method intercomparison and model diagnostics

  • Pat Reed (Cornell)—Lead, Jon Lamontagne (Cornell), Pat Reed –2nd presentation



Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Other Teams Engaged in Modeling Integrated Energy-Water-Land Systems Dynamics—project summaries
  • Chair: Max Tavoni, Notetaker: Karen Fisher-Vanden
  • Kate Calvin(PNNL/JGCRI); Mohamad Hejazi (PNNL/JGCRI); Ian Kraucunas (PNNL)
  • Keywan Riahi (IIASA)

Modelling the Energy-Water-Land in the IMAGE model: exploring different response strategies

  • Detlef van Vuuren (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency PBL)

An Integrated Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on US Water Resources and Irrigated Crop Yields

  • Erwan Monier (MIT)

Energy-Water Nexus Knowledge Discovery Framework

  • Budhu Bhaduri (ORNL)


Challenges to Modeling Energy-Water-Land Systems Dynamics—Panel discussions


  • Chair: Tom Hertel (Purdue), Notetaker: Danielle Grogan

Potential topics to discuss

  • PanelistsTom Hertel—Chair (Purdue), Kate Calvin (PNNL); Wolfram Schlenker (Columbia); Katharine Mach (Stanford)